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4 reasons you should hire a Professional Organizer


As a Professional Organizer, I help families and small businesses get organized with simple and inexpensive systems. I provide you with the tools you need so you can maintain your space. Many would call us "psychologists" (lol) because we understand and provide a solution to your problem.

When an unorganized space arises, you might just say I can organize it myself (and this is true, hello Pinterest Organizing Boards). But what I come to learn in my years of organizing is that it might not be the obvious decision. Many have never truly understood the beauty of organizing. We don’t know how to group, zone, and even label items correctly to help us maintain our space. Just like you would hire someone to do major work in your home or get seen by the doctor, a Professional Organizer can alleviate the stress of tackling the messy space.

Here are some reasons you may not be hiring a Professional Organizer:

  1. You feel embarrassed about your space.

  2. You think you can tackle the mess later (days off or on vacation).

  3. You spend hours on Pinterest looking for the right items for your space.

  4. You see it as a luxury service and not a need.

I have heard all of these comments from clients that have been questioning hiring our services. Let me tell you, as a Professional Organizer, we are here to help and guide you in this organizing journey. We get excited about messy places (oh, the joy of new opportunity). We are truly there to provide a service that you can continue to maintain organized.

Here are four reasons you should hire ‘Me” a Professional Organizer

  1. I teach you how to keep your space organized.

  2. It takes the stress away because you can sit back and relax while I do the organizing.

  3. Saves you money; we offer you options within your budget and your space.

  4. We bring a fresh perspective into your home.

Either you choose to hire a Professional Organizer or not, learning how to organize your space is crucial in keeping a happy home. If you want to get started, you can check our virtual and in-home services

In the meantime, if you want to get a headstart with your organizing, here is an Organizing Checklist for beginners

Organizing Checklist for beginners
Download PDF • 127KB

Happy Organizing,

- Melanie .


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