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Are you messy or simply laid back 🤔

Messiness is a common trait that many people share. While the reasons why people are messy can vary, there are a few common factors that contribute to this behavior.

Firstly, some people simply have a more relaxed attitude towards cleanliness and organization.

They may prioritize other aspects of their life and view tidiness as a lower priority. Additionally, some people may struggle with time management or have a busy lifestyle that makes it difficult to keep their living space clean.

Another reason why people may be messy is due to a lack of education or skills in the organization. They may not have been taught how to effectively clean and organize their space, or may not have the necessary tools to do so.

Finally, there may be underlying mental health factors that contribute to messiness, such as anxiety or depression. These conditions can make it difficult for individuals to focus on tasks such as cleaning and organizing.

Overall, while messiness can be frustrating, it is important to approach the issue with empathy and understanding. Encouraging education and offering support can help individuals develop the skills and mindset necessary to maintain clean and organized living spaces.

This is why I love helping clients organize because there are so many reasons why you may be untidy, and being there to help guide you in the process brings me joy.

Wanting to talk about organizing or simply get to know how I can help? Schedule a consultation today

Happy Organizing,


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