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Five Easy Tips for Reducing Paper Clutter

Raise your hand if you have a small or big pile of paper in the corner of your home? Yup!

Paper clutter is top five one of the most significant issues many people have. Let us think about it; paper clutter can accumulate quickly! We receive weekly or daily pieces of mail, bills, coupons, children’s school art, and we stack them in the corner with grand hopes of tackling later. Welp news flash later turns into weeks or months before you can tackle the clutter.

My five tips for tackling paper clutter

Handle it as it comes

Handling the pieces of paper as it comes might seem like an obvious response, but if you quickly eliminate all paper that you know you don’t need, you can cut the clutter by half within minutes.

Create a specific place for the paper

If you don’t have time to tackle the paper, create a corner in your kitchen, by command center, office, somewhere where you can have them all together for later sorting. I like to place the paper by order of precedence in a binder or basket where I place daily dividers, to identify the daily incoming paper, just make sure to schedule a day to go through your weekly paper intake. Download the dividers I use in my binder below.

Daily Dividers
Download PDF • 206KB

Go Paperless

Many places will incentivize if you go paperless, and others like the Post office, coffee shops, and others give you the option to receive an electronic copy of your receipt! Winning!


Look at the mail you are receiving and see if you can unsubscribe by going directly to their website and choosing not to accept it anymore.

Kids Art

If Kids Art is part of your paper clutter, consider displaying times where you place a piece of art on the refrigerator for a specific time and when that time comes, rotate the art, snap a picture and email it to yourself.

Incorporate any if not all of these tips to get a hold of your paper clutter today.

How do you manage your paper clutter?

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