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Welcome to my blog

Hi, I am Melanie, a Certified Professional Organizer, Veteran, Spouse, Mother to two beautiful boys, and lover of all thing's organization. My style in organizing is relaxed and convenient.

Where it all started

I decided to become a Professional Organizer to help family members and friends get a hold of their homes. This then turned into a full-blown operation that I like to call "Organizing with Intentions." The meaning behind the name is to create an organized space with the individuals' needs in mind; this includes knowing their limits, budget and wants with their areas. Being intentional about my clients home Is my number one priority, and I enjoy sharing my gift with those that could use them.

My organizing steps to follow:

  1. Identify the space

  2. Identify the purpose or use for the space

  3. Declutter (unused items)

  4. Organize

  5. If needed add bins or other items to enhance the space

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