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Laundry Made Easy

For many busy families, laundry is a long day with piles of clothes to wash and fold. Many usually have a set day to complete this task which generally goes on to the next day or days because we don't have enough time to complete it.

So how about we look at laundry as an ongoing task and not a once-a-week chore? Stay with me; after having my first son, I felt like I was drowning in baby clothes, workout clothes, my spouse's uniforms, and more! It felt like we were running out of things to wear, and by the time I folded all the clothes, it was already a wash and dry day AGAIN!

This was when I started doing a load of laundry every other day (yes! every other day). At first, it felt weird; after so many years doing it all in one day. Now I have multiple days; to get the laundry done, and it actually worked.

This is how it works: On Monday morning you drop a small load of laundry in the washer, in the afternoon, place it in the dryer, and fold it on the next day. The smaller the load the faster it got done, and we never run out of things to wear.

When you start to do laundry every other day, at first, it might look like you are doing laundry every day. Still, once you get the routine down, you will free yourself of all-day weekend laundry and more time to be with your family with clean clothes.

Try the every other day laundry schedule and let me know how it goes

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