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Three Tips to keeping your home tidy


It goes without saying that keeping your home organized can save you time and money, but how do we get there. This is the hardest part, how do we start and how to keep it organized. I am here to tell you that you don't have to have a Pinterest board home to feel calm and productive, but you do have to have systems in place to facilitate your day.

If you are looking in getting organized and not sure where to start small by utilizing these three tips in your space:

  1. Give everything a home: Your home becomes cluttered because things don't have a home. Ask yourself: do I have space to give this item home? If yes, place the item in the new home and done. If you don't have space for this item, consider the use and need and decide if you will create space or simply remove it.

  2. Placement: I like to use this tactic for morning routines for myself and my children. Adding a basket by the door with children's shoes for quick outings or hooks by the door for hanging keys, masks, and bags. This seems small, but it's perfect because it gives those items home and saves you time when it's time to go out.

  3. Routines: Once you have given your items home, create a daily habit of placing those items back in their place. The second most challenging part of an organized home is not going back to ensure things are supposed to be in. In my house, right after dinner is "pick up time," during this 10 min period, we walk around our home and pick up any items that were left out and place them back. To get the little ones involved, I find a youtube song countdown to get him to clean his room. Here is our favorite countdown song

Want to have a good day? Download My guided checklist for a good day here

checklist for a good day
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